Angélique McLoughlin



Befriend the fictitious.. hide with her a while.. let her tell you a story___________________________________________

Angélique McLoughlin
is a Sydney based artist. She holds a bachelors degree in Visual Communications from the University of Western Sydney, a diploma in Communication Design from Torrens University Sydney and certificates in Museum and Gallery studies from Sydney TAFE. 

McLoughlin’s work is veiled in a life lived in The Schwarzwald, a fairytale that lives on in her practice today. Her graphite, ink drawings and bloody vermillion paintings siphon life’s whimsy, drawing out empathy for decay and a lustre to espouse the eerie as an obscure beauty. Whilst her sculptural pieces execute and display an understanding of the human body, in a new language.

To say McLoughlin solely trades in the dark would be a grave misconception. It is humanity’s white noise humming that she finds comically beguiling, a reality that ensues us all, charting her surreal realism.

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